Glade Festival


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Anyone going next week??? I can get the time off so was toying with the idea of getting a last minute ticket.they gona sell out in a day or two. Have 1 or 2 mates going but not a propper crew
Will bare that in mind as have a friend who may need to get one last minute (tomorrow or saturday). Are you in London by any chance?
Can't wait for this. It's my first Glade but a load of my mates have been for about the past 4 years and say it's amazing. We've got about 40 of us coming down from Manchester.
Loads of good stuff going on there. Carl Craig , Adam Beyer , Dave Clarke , Booka Shade , Sqyarepusher , Juan Atkins , Modeselector , Radioactive Man , Format B , Mr C the list goes on8)
Had an amazing time. The Arcadia stage was the opposite of the ice cannons in Ibiza, it kept pumping out big flames and dancing round that all night was my highlight, I could have had just that alone and been happy. Enjoyed dancing at the Iced Cream van a fair bit as well. Underworld, need I say more. The mud wasn't even that bad considering the amount of rain we had. Brilliant festival :D
Time for abit more review after sleeping for 13 hours!

Arrived at the site around 4pm to hot sunshine but with ominous clouds as well so we wanted to get tents pitched asap. The site was the Matterly Bowl in Winchester (where Homelands was) and was the first time the site has been used as the festival used to be in Aldermaston near Reading.We had already decided it would be better to make the effort and go further to pitch tents which worked out well and we got a spot on the hill overlooking the main site. Im utterly useless at pitching ents but getting better and we were all set up fairly quickly and celebrated with a few beers whilst the people i camped with celebrated with beers and large amounts of K and proceeded to roll around on the floor for an hour!
Rained thursday night so was expecting a mud bath friday morning but the grass was still green everywhere! Spent most of the day with a mate having beers and naughties raving away to Breaks , dnb and dubstep. Caught Booka Shade closing the main stage which was pretty good but not amazing , then saw Format B in the club tent . All went abit pear shaped from then on as things kicked in and everything went abit weird. went back to the tents and found everyone in same state which made me feel better then we all went to Vapour tent n caught some of Dave Clarke.Finished with Arcadia which was visually amazing and kept us warm as well.
Got up kinda early saturday to sunshine so went n got some food n couple beers and drifted around. Saw Reso play the most ridiculous dubstep set ive ever seen to the most mashed up crwod ive ever seen , some people seriously looking like they needed medical attention:eek: Went back to tent to get some more kip which worked a treat. Went to club tent n met some old friends from london clubbing. Was abit flat but Jamie Jones did a good job of lifting the crowd.not sure what i did after that but came back to see Mr C play a pretty boring set which i left to go see Carl Craig. Wow! Big epic Techno in a big tent with big visuals was perfect! Juan Atkins after and Adam Beyer to close , what a night!
Sunday is always hard work as you havnt really slept for3 nights so everyone is abit spaced out regardless. Sunday was the big dubstep and dnb day so wasnt as into it but from my tent i could hear a Paul Ritch tune so i ran down and to my horror discoverd it was coming from the psy trance stage so i raved it up with all the people dressed as wizards and elves in the sun and had a great time! It was all about Underworld sunday night and we got a pretty good spot just under the cover of the stage. by the end of it it was full on hands in the air jumping aroud like madmen. they played everything from techno to breaks to dnb . Went back to the tent with a big smile on my face!

Felt awful monday but not as bad as im sure some others did so think i got away with it. Thank god i wasnt driving home:)
nice review

would be particularly intrigued to hear Juan Atkins now - strictly classics or does he mix it up? 3 times I've planned to see him around town now and each time he cancelled :confused:
he followed on nicely from carl craig , just a little bit harder. Some old acidy stuff in there , dont remember specific tunes but was definitely more of the older school than new
nice review

would be particularly intrigued to hear Juan Atkins now - strictly classics or does he mix it up? 3 times I've planned to see him around town now and each time he cancelled :confused:

Have you considered not telling him your coming Olly?;)