Glade Festival


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Any one off here ever been? What's it like? The crowed etc, and how does it compare to the other big festivals in the UK. Been to global few times, but fancy a change this year.

Watched some Videos on youtube, looks well mint. Share your knowledge :)
no knowledge at all mate but sure you may as well give it a go.

Dont know if ill be going to any festivals this year, few mates are going to rock werchter in belgium.
glade was a dance spinoff from glastonbury with quite an underground music policy. Everyone I know who's been has had a mental time. Not for the faint-hearted.
The Glade was a great festival when held near Thatcham in Berkshire, but it's moving to a new venue this year so it'll be anyone's guess. I went to the first 3- the first was tremendous with only 4,500 people there, the 2nd year there were problems with over-zealous security who thought it fun to beat up the hippies and drug-casualties, but the 3rd year they had that sorted. At the last one the capacity was 12,500 which was too much in my opinion. The music was excellent with undergound techno, drum n bass and psychedelic trance being most prevalent. If you do go, look out for Eskimo on the Origin stage- the kid is definately a one-off and can rock an arena like no DJ I've ever seen and definately loves the music more than the money he's paid to play it (unlike a few mainstream DJ's I could mention)!
I went 2 years ago ( the year of the worst rain in 50 years!) . Its pretty nuts , Psy Trance seems to prevail so theres abit of a free party feel about the place rather than an organised event. Would love to go again tho dont think could deal with the floods again , had to get my car towed out the car park by a traktor!
I'm going to my first Glade this year. Tickets are already sorted. A lot of my mates have been to them all and absolutely love it. 8)