Gis us a job



Going to Ibiza on 6th July for a weeks hols with the girls but know i am getting made reduundant soon. If i stayed how easy do you reckon it would be for me to get a job - just an idea - beats coming back and having no job?
Don't know about getting a job out there but shouldn't you stay in your job till you actually get your ticket, so you get your redundancy pay? If you're due any that is - I know you have to work in places for about 3790000 years before they will give you anything nowadays!!
this is what i did last year went to ibiza and didnt come back for 2 months I SWEAR that u will have the best time of your life,face it if u think u will get made redundant then u really havent got nothing to lose,working is for losers anyway-pm me for details