Getting to Ibiza from Barcelona


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My friend and I will be leaving Munich around Sep 23 to travel to Ibiza. We are considering a train to Barcelona. I was looking at the possibility of traveling by ferry on around Sep 24, but it appears on that ferries stop going to Ibiza from Barcelona around the second week of September.

Is there any other options for ferries that I don't know about? We can fly over to the island, but would prefer to look at cheaper options if at all possible. Any suggestions?
well you could try getting to Denia.futher down the coast.get a ferry from there.but i am sure you would be best getting a plane.just priced it up with skyscanner and best i can get is with clickair.23rd say till 3oth sept 65 euro inc taxes.thats cheap
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we looked at doing this in april this year, just for the experience of doing something different to flying- train to barcelona then ferry to ibiza...takes longer and costs more! i'd fly if i were you.