Getting cameras into clubs



Hi guys.... I've heard a few people saying that it might be a bit difficult trying to take a camera into the clubs... is this true???
Thanks for your help Anna - wow - im really disappointed now!!! We never have a problem getting cameras into our clubs here in Sydney.. what a letdown its going to be..
I would still try... I know I'm going to try to bring a camera out with me every night... Most clubs in NYC/Montreal don't allow cameras either, but I usually manage to get mine in.... If you're really worried, just bring the smallest disposable you can find...
We brought a camera EVERYWHERE and had no problems. We got it into Manumission Monday, Manumission Essential Mix, Godskitchen and Cream and had no problems with it. Bring disposables in case they take them away from you, but my best friend wrapped hers around her upper thigh to sneak it in at Cream, but I didn't have a problem with it in my side cargo pocket. Might be stricter now, but good luck.
I"ve taken cameras into all the clubs, just try to make sure you"re not near a security person when you use it. I was once with someone who had their camera confiscated at Space but he was given a receipt & got it back on his way out.
It's just the luck of the draw, but to be honest, you have more luck getting a big bag of pills (or a knife, rather worryingly) into the club than a camera.

It's nice that the clubs have their priorities sorted. :rolleyes:
i really dont understand why they make such a big fuss about it! the dj's are usually more than happy to have their pic taken so that cant be the problem... just sux that we may not be able to show the evidence to our friends back home... will definately be giving it a try though!!! :confused:
It's prob because they don't want you taking pictures of anything that shuldn't be going on.... At least that's the case here in the States when it's no cameras allowed... I would assume they have the same reasoning in Ibiza
Exactly. Just on case you take a photo of some big celebrity off their face in their club and sell it to the papers.
are we talking digital cameras here or throw-away analog cameras?

would be a pitty if they take your digital cam away form you...I wouldn't take the risk. Or will they always give it back at the end of the night?