Getting back from Space, dont be ripped off!


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Hello everyone 8)

ive just arrived back from ibiza , skint as hell and annoyed about the crappy accomidation i stayed in! :evil:

a good way to save money is not to use taxi's as there r other routes artound without paying high prices.

example - 18 - 30's dropped us of at Space but left us no way of getting home , they suggested the local taxi who told me and my boyfriend it would cost from 30 euro's up to get from space to san an!

We refused to pay this and caught the bus into ibiza town then to san an!

if u r anywhere in ibiza , always catch the bus into ibiza town as there r connections from there to most places

so dont get ripped by the taxi's pay 1.45euro and save loads! ;)
I find the buses really hot and sweaty tho, give me a taxi any day of the wk, we only went to San Antonio once and the taxi was definitely less than 20 euros.
The buses were air conditioned when I was there a few weeks ago, lovely and cool.

I asked a taxi driver for the price from outside Es Paradis to Ibiza town one night and he said 14 to 15 Euros. I hung around and caught the morning bus for 1.40 Euros. Coupla nights later after an all night drinking sesh, I couldn't be bothered to wait for the morning bus and jumped into a taxi, it cost me 19 Euros!

I think the taxi drivers have a switch under their meters for sober and p*ssed prices!!! :evil:

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dont get ripped off by guys that aren't taxis, one bloke said he would take us from manumission to san an costing double what a taxi would. Luckily we knew this so we just laughed at him, then he got pissed off cos we kept telling everyone he asked that he was too expensive!
the meters have 4 settings
I'm not sure exactly how it works but 1 is the cheapest and is during the day except siesta. i think 2 is day rate too
3 is siesta rate and 4 is nite rate after 12.
4 is most expensive
this is what i could work out.
any help on this one Stephen, you must know.
well this was on saturday it happened , the buses over there were lovely an kool. I reckon he was just trying to rip me and my bf off
I thought the taxi's were pretty good value! Only about 5 euro's at the most as we had 4 in a taxi, much rather that then waiting around for a bus.
i wouldnt be at all surprised if we were ripped off last year. We were very naughty actually and got into a car with sum random bloke that said he could take us back to san an. We got to Space on the Sunday at about midnight and they would not let anyone else in because it was full. Instead of waiting around for a Taxi we went with him. Cant remember how much exactly we gave him but it was around the 15e mark.
must confess to quite often getting 'dodgy' taxis, as they quite often have various persians for sale :D :D

Have seen how full the buses get, and decided on a taxi every time
well i dont mind taking the bus! the prices are good, they´ll take you where you want to go within a good period of time: maybe youll spend those extra 15 minutes - yeah!? but you saved enuff for a decent meal somewhere! 1,40 minus 15 euros: 13.6 euros saved: a nice dish somewhere! or a bottle of cool whitewine!
that happend to us with club 18-30. they dropped us off at space, then we thought we had a coach taking us back, but we were told to make our own way home lol,,
we asked taki how much before hand and settled on a price of 15 Euros
which we were pleased with
yer sure was. muel had to run back nito our apartment back in san an tho and fetch another 5 euro lol, cos we only had 10, well i think it was muel neway