Getting a trim in san an!!


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I know this will probly be irrelivant as my palz will probly have shaved off my hair, eyebrows an pubez within the first week while im sleeping, lol, but if i do mannage to keep it (my hair) long enough for it to need a trim whats the plan?
is anybody huz going out to work that can cut hair, using there head to bring some clippers an making a few extra euroes doing trims??
Or are there any decent barbers in san an wich dont cost an arm an leg and can do more than a mop of hair with a handfull of grease! haha
its my first season out there so any info iz appreciated.. cheers 8)

hi there a lot of people use c4 hairdressers owned by a great scottish guy called martin xx its opposite hotel florencio

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