Getin' vila on the island


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i always heard about ppl getin to ibiza and rentin the vilas there...
but most of the people i know just book hotel or apartment if they go in a big group...

anyway, has any1 did it before?

it just sounds to me like some pretty damn amazin thing stayin in some vila in the sort of mountains or forest with the view from above to the most areas of the island... :rolleyes:

also the private pre-parties or what ever u can manage to organise there - i mean not for public but close friends and so on... :D

is it worth the money or it's a richie-rich-boy-n-girlz stuff :?: ;)
certainly wouldn't call myself richie rich...more like a fat chav....:lol:
prefer villas cause it's all at my own pace,no fight for sunbeds etc.etc
there not super expensive in may/june/sept/oct either

i see but what's about the pre parties or smth like that or it's too dangerous to organize now in the new age of ibiza-over-controled-by-the-ayuntamiento :)