Gee what have ya done!


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DJ Gee Moore - slam dunk the funk

Erm since when did gee start doing dancey techno?!?! I'm not too keen on this tune and i think gee should stick to what he knows best. I wonder if he'll read this! :D

the kitikonti mix is half decent though. Knowin my luck, this will prob turn into a dancefloor anthem though :(
I heard he plays tranbce-sets 2 ... he is polyvalent (hope its an english word .. its way to early in the morning for me)
i am gonna check out GEE tonight at after hours power here in LA... i saw him a few weeks ago here it was borabora/ibiza style set!! very good vibes... so hopfully he leaves the trance crap at home in his other record box
completely retarded trance/hardhouse shit tonight. but what else could i expect at an AfterHour Power event?

total waste! was that u GEE or an evil clone of u up there?