Gay Friendly



Is Ibiza gay friendly? Not that I want or expect wretched rainbow flags waiving in the airport terminal, but I am planning a trip w/ my partner. Any thoughts?

two snaps in a circle,
would say

san an is not really for the gay community but each to their own.
but ibiza town is very cosmapolitan and you would probley enjoy it more.

hope this helps
You won't have any worries mate. You can choose from any of the bars which are very mixed and everybody friendly or there are some great gay bars in Ibiza Town
There's a gay club called Anfora in the old town, but in the main clubs, specially Pacha, Amnesia and Space there's plenty of gay people, specially in parties like La Troya Asesina in Amnesia and La Troya after-party in Space.
Thanks for your replies. I'm an Ibiza virgin heading out for the closing parties this year comming from Chicago. After WMC we have the "ibiza-itch". I can't wait.
the two main gay areas of ibiza are the calle de la virgen just behind the port area and ramon muntaner in figuretes.
I was in Ibiza for the first time last year. I wouldn't say im homaphobic but i wasn't exactly comfty with the issue. I was in Ibiza about 2 days and completely changed my mind and am completely fine with gay people and the whole comunity. Ibiza is good cause everybody is an individual that is accepted by everybody. It opened my eyes a bit and i think i am a better person for it.
you will all be invited to our smash at the villa. thank you for you sincere responses. looking forward to two weeks of madness:

S judgement + DC10
M cocoon closing
T god's kitchen closing
W rest
F Steve L - Pacha 30th
S boating
S Sundays @ Space closing + Bora bora
M Manumission closing
T Rest
W Rest
Tr Ministry Closing
F Rest
S Rest
S Ciao-28th

did I miss anything? :rolleyes: :eek: ;)
You must go to Scandal@Pacha on sunday night!!!

For me, the best gay night of Ibiza...
Ditto, Iva! Love Scandal, too, because it's none of those typical gay nights but very mixed and extremely into fashion and glam. For me the best party in the world. :p
I prefer La Troya @ Amnesia on the Wednesday! Wish it was on a different day though as I would love to go to Pacha on a Wednesday night.
La troya is different...but good.

Scandal@Pacha... a night you have to try once in your life.... Daltvila, we are going to be very good friends!

:-( Thats crap. Would like to goto Pacha on the Sunday but think I am gonna go for sundays@space.

A week is not enough!
What kind of music do they play at Pacha on Sunday's? Who is promoting?
Aaron said:
:-( Thats crap. Would like to goto Pacha on the Sunday but think I am gonna go for sundays@space.
A week is not enough!

You can always go to space during the day and then head for Scandal@Pacha....
That's what I do :p
Francisco the PR boss of Pacha does Scandal, it's one of the few original Pacha fiestas, nothing imported, no foreign promoters, pure Ibiza :lol: I like La Troya, too (promoted by Brasilio and also an original Ibiza production), and esp. everyone working at Coco Loco, but Pacha is simply so much nicer (and cleaner). Plus when you leave La Troya you always have to walk through the bloody foam and look like a mess when you're leaving, eww :evil:
Has anyone stayed at La Finca Apartments? What's the dish?