gatwick info needed pleez



our return flight from ibiza to gatwick arrives at 13:15 and our flight to the states leaves gatwick at 13:45. Is a half hour enough time to get across the airport. Im just tryin to take the worst case and say we have to go from one end of the airport to the it possible in 30 mins?

thanks for the help,
-the bloke
which terminal do you arrive and depart from? This could be the decider, but if you r checked in all the way through from Ibiza you should be ok.
i arrive into the terminal that easyjet flies into

i depart from the south terminal

p.s. its not the shoes im worried about....i just hope that my smoker lung will make it ;)

the bloke
no chance.

30 minutes is not enough for you to collect your luggage AND check in for your USA flight. easyJet don't book you through to your final destination, only to their destination. plus what if there's a delay of 10 or 15 minutes?

even travelling with the same airline - iberia- my wife has arrived many times in ibiza without luggage because there hasn't been time to transfer it at BCN.....
As far as I know mate, Easyjet dont operate a Gatwick to Ibiza service. They fly into Stansted only from Ibiza. Im 99% sure this is the case.
And if that is the case, and as it would probably take you about 2 hours to get from Stansted to gatwick, I think your chances are slim!!!!
Yeah in terms of actually travelling from North to South (or vice versa) this is totally do-able...just hop on the monarail (that's not spelt know what I mean though) and you're there, but all the other factors that spunkeymonkey pointed'll never make it....especially if your plane 'docks' (is that right?) furthest from the terminal....that's a mile walk just to collect your baggage!!!

Good luck!
Does your flight include Baggage transfer Pachabloke
If it does you will make it on time.
If it doesn't then you definitely will not make it.
I'd make some phone calls and find out.
doesn't sounds good

1) easyjet are always at least 15/20 mins behind schedule
2) half an hour check in for your Interantional USA flight no way
3) spunkymonkey is right easyjet only go from stanstead so whats with gatwick??

i'd go back and rething the plan the bloke!!!

Yeah you are looking at a 2 hour check in on flights to USA and never expect a flight to be on time from ibiza.
No way, i guess if you're flying sleazyjet from ibz-lgw then you're getting a totally different and personally booked flight back to the US. In which case you need 30-45 min to get your luggage from the sleazyjet flight and need to check in to your USA flight at least an hour before departure.

I thought Sleazyjet flew from Stanstead to Ibiza using the old GO route that they took over? You learn something everyday!
na nath i still think they only go from stanstead? have checked on the web and no flights from luton or gatwick????

the bloke clear things up for us!!!
klingclubber said:
na nath i still think they only go from stanstead? have checked on the web and no flights from luton or gatwick????

the bloke clear things up for us!!!

I think you could be right missy cos when I was trying to get flights from Gatwick, Easyjet wasn't an option for us, we did book our flights about 12 months ago tho :rolleyes: :p ;)
sorry for all the confusion about gatwick-ibiza on easyjet....heres the scoop.... im flying from ibiza to barcelona and then taking an easyjet flight from barcelona to gatwick...the easyjet flight arrives at 13:15 and my flight to the states leaves from the south terminal at 13:45...i was planning on carrying-on all my luggage so i wouldnt have to wait for baggage claim.....this would be perfect if it worked out....but it sounds like its a mile from one terminal to the other...i think i might just come back to london a day early. Thanks for the help everyone!

-the bloke
EasyJet will NOT let you carry a bag larger then a certain (small) size on the aircraft and no more than 5KG. They are VERY STRICT ON THIS.
And yeah the North and South terminals at LGW are not very close,think their is a bus between them.......
I think the key thing here is that you are going to need to check in to your flight to the US - Normally you will need to be at check in at least an hour before!

Yep, get to the UK a day early and then fly back the next day - London's a good laugh anyway!
I work in a travel agents and unfortunately there is NO WAY you will be able to catch your flight to the states with such a short connection even if you were checking through from another destination on the same airline.

You need to check in for your US flight at LEAST 2 hours before and with all the additional security these days this is a MUST.

The gate would actually be closed by the time your flight from Barcelona got in.

You will need to book a flight with at least 4 hours between flights.

Sorry it's not the answer you were hoping for. :cry: