Mistress Elle

I saw Gatecrasher is not on the Club calendar for 2003 anymore - does that mean it's not going ahead?
gatecrasher is not happening this year.

iberican sound are at amnesia on tuesday instead with chus and ceballas.
It looks like Gatecrasher cancelled Ibiza only short ago. Few months ago I heard Ferry Corsten telling on the Dutch dance-radio that he and Armin did have a deal with Gatecrasher in Amnesia this summer.

So.. guess everything was arranged, but Gatecrasher did (or had to) cancel the whole thing. Result: Armin not on Ibiza this summer and Ferry only 2 times for Judgment Sunday.
and a slight slap round the head for calling me Lisa ;)

is that not your name?? i could you lots of other things but i don't think it would be very aproppiate for this board

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