Gatecrasher in Ibiza 2003

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Right, I´m not going mad like I thort I was.
Acording to Mixmag (a U.K. clubbing mag) June 2003 edition, P48.
Gatecrasher will be in Amnesia from Tuesday 29.07.03 to 02.09.03.
Resident is Ferry Corsden.

I hope this helps,
I couldn´t find your original post asking about Gatectasher.

Chill out Robo, sit yourself down, and shake out your anger!!! :evil:

Didnt I read on here they're not out there at all this year??? :confused:
i wouldnt like to get on the wrong side of u robo!
calm it chick
lol this one still rumbles on Robo

incidentally The Daily Record in Scotland had an Ibiza guide yesterday
had a map background with various nights highlighted and previewed
also had a schedule for the big clubs and various snippets of news..seems Lawler is doing reports for them regularily

only thing was

they still had 'Crasher for tuesdays @ Amnesia and
on the map they had Pasha!!

grrrr :twisted:
hahah rob rob rob, what are we gonna do with this one

grasher there
grasher not
grasher there
grasher not

i say lets leave it up to the element of surprise

slightly off topic here but i looked at the Gatecrasher messageboard last night to see if the mourning had begun for their no-show in Ibiza again...

...they were too busy pleading with GC management to put on a UK event never mind an Ibizan season!!

how the mighty have fallen!

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