Garnier releases 5 CD box set


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The French ambassador of electronic music, Laurent Garnier, is without doubt one of the best DJ’s the world has ever seen. Respected by both the godfathers of techno in Detroit as well as the younger generation of producers, DJ’s and clubbers, his unique approach and taste for good music is as much a passion as a profession. He has always been that one step ahead of the rest and does not shy away from exploring the more diverse and tormented sounds to use in his productions and DJ/live sets.

After 15 years as a DJ, the Gallic maestro has decided to release a box of five mixes recorded at several parties around the world. Laurent chose three of his favourite mixes from the hundreds of DJ sets he has played over the past decade, reflecting the history and diversity of how club culture has changed over the years. Featured on the CD are the ‘Old School Mix’ from the Sonar Festival, his ‘Techno Soul Mix’ from Detroit and ‘Emotion’ with the PBB Mix.

hmv only say its a 3 cd box set.

and it costs £31.99

release date.

6th october

Disc One

1. When We Used To Play - Blake Baxter
2. It's You - ESP
3. Erotic Illusions - Nick Holder
4. Notice Me - Sandee
5. Mobility - Moby
6. Dream Girl - Pierre's Pfantasy Club
7. Promised Land - Joe Smooth
8. Beat My House - Kenny Collins
9. Don't Tell Me - Freestyle Orchestra
10. Underwater - Point G aka DJ Gregory
11. First Power - Revelation [Domination Dub]
12. Feel The Mood - E Dancer [N.Y. Groove Mix]
13. This Is Acid - Maurice Joshua With Hot Hands Hula
14. Good Life - Inner City
15. Don't You Want It - Davina
16. Acid Thunder - Fast Eddie
17. Computer Madness - Steve Poindexter
18. Nude Photo - Mayday
19. My English Lover - Joeski
20. String Free - Phortune [Club Leray Mix]

Disc Two

1. High Tech Jazz - Galaxy 2 Galaxy
2. Supporter - Patrick Dubois
3. Paradise (Lost & Found) - Just Jack
4. Bassick Element - Radioactive Man
5. X2 - Electric Soul
6. Somewhere - Mark Broom
7. Bass Addiction - Slam [Envoy Vocal Remix]
8. Abuses On Rachel - Moody Preachers
9. It's Dark… But I'm Not Afraid - Hutton Drive
10. Working Night - John Thomas [Rolando Remix]
11. Souldancer - Heiko Laux
12. Returning Back To Sirius - Alaska
13. Chios - Ignacio
14. The Man With The Red Face - Laurent Garnier
15. Desire - 69
16. [Hidden Track] - War

Disc Three - DVD

1. Emile Zapotek '52 - Console
2. Refuse Resist - Vista Le Vie [Part 2 Demo Version]
3. Heartbeat - Sidsel Endressen & Bugge Wesseltoft
4. Madame Reve - Alain Bashung
5. 24 Choses - Soundtrack '17 Fois Cecile Cassard'
6. Mitre Peak - Lowtech
7. A Night In - Tindersticks
8. Hana - Asa Chang & Junray
9. Plaistow Flex Out - Squarepusher
10. Mikrokosmos - Kosma
11. Strange Fruit - John Martyn
12. Red Dessert - Claude Chalhoub
13. The Last Track - Pnau
hang on thats only £10 per cd, that ain't that bad...

i dunno where the 5 cd box set came from. :rolleyes:

:p ;)
Robo said:
hang on thats only £10 per cd, that ain't that bad...

i dunno where the 5 cd box set came from. :rolleyes:

:p ;)
well, you actually buy a 5cd box with only 3 cd's in it. the two other cd's (a Radio One mix and a Rex club mix) you need to order online in the Fcom shop (cost for these 2 is 25 euro postage included). I received them this week (after only 3 days) and they are excellent. It really is fantastic collection of quality music, plus you feel LG has a solid music background with the unexpected tracks he includes in his sets. I know it is not exactly cheap but you buy quality and not some cheesed-up compilation.

Also I had been looking for ages for his famous Sonar set (which he did under the alias DJ Jamon) as I had such a fantastic time when he played there. (He did kind of a similar set at KM5 in september)

I love it!

FallenangelGparsons said:
£20 in paris! 8) or 30e

actually in Belgium records shops have organised a boycot against the cd ... they claim they don't want to sell a cd which promotes an online shop ...