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Bling10 said:
synchronicity said:
does anyone know if you just turn up to garlands, or if you have to get an invite beforehand?...i've just got this vague memory of reading another topic on this subject which suggested that you did..?

You needed a pass for the party on aug 5th coz i think it was the opening but for the rest of the pre-parties at kanya just turn up. Aug 5th was amazing! the place was rammed from 5-12am, shame u cudn't have made that one coz apparently they havnt been as good since.

Ye, that made my birthday -that and Coxy at Space ;) :p

Was well pissed off when we turned up and it was all like 'wheres ur invite' and im like 'WTF!!'

Thank god for that girl and lad who sorted us a pass! -If ur reading Coastline PR people - Thank u! :D


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kitten's head said:
I'll be popping along next Wednesday if anyone cares to join me.

I wish! :(

Never mind, only 5 weeks and 4 days (not that I’m counting) to go.