Garlands promoter Huey Writes....


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Just thought I'd fill you in on whats happening with Garlands at Pin Up on Tuesdays.

The day will run from 4pm, opening on the terrace with Residents Dave & Huey playing funky balearic house as ever. This year we have an exclusive residency with the Cuban Brothers. They will be playing a few other parties but are only resident with us. WE'll announce the dates nearer the time. We will also be bringing in singers and entertainers from right across the musical spectrum... you know what we're like... its gonna be a giggle. The Terrace will stay open until midnight.

The inside will open at 10pm and run till 6 am and will be known as Rob Tissera's Secret Circus. Why a secret circus??? Because all his guest DJs will remain a secret. We've booked a season worth of DJs from the harder side of Dance Music to play alongside Rob but we won't be advertising them. You have to turn up to find out who they are. We have some real crackers lined up. We will also have 3 parties from Sundissential down there too, those parties should be really off the hook.

This year we are themeing all our parties again kicking off with a pirate party on July 1st. All the workers can get in free with a workers card which we'll be distributing at our workers welcoming party on Tuesday 10th June at Kanya.

I think its going to be a fantastic season this year, not just for us but for everyone in Ibiza. I'm really pleased that we opted for Pin Up because I think it s the freshest club on the island... and that's what Ibiza needed, a little bit of freshness. Without wanting to sound arrogant, although there were some great nights on the island last year, Garlands was the only real talking point from the season as a whole, the rest was a bit flat. This year I think that Garlands at Pin Up, alongside Lashes at Eden and Underwater at Pacha will kick the season up the backside and send clubbers home with far more memories than they did last year.
I'm 99% certain Anne Savage will be back at Garlands this summer. ;)