Garlands @ pinup


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hi :D

has anyone got any info about pin up? ive never been or heard of the club before, yet ill probably go as garlands @ space last year was class..

also, if anyone has any info on prices to get in,drink prices etc that would be great :D

I've been having a bit of a problem finding more info about garlands in ibiza. I'm out there for the opening party, which is apparently themed.
So me and my buddies being the willing party goers have decided to find out the theme before we go. :D
But can we find the theme anywhere....can we hell! :evil:
So if anyone has got any more info I personally would be dead grateful
Ditto -- we're out there for the opening party as well, banking on it being one of the highlights of the week for us... And there's really nothing out for information. Hmmm.... Anyone? Anyone?
Pin up is beautiful, kinda like space but more intimate..there's 2 terraces outside, the main one with dj & stage that usually plays funkier stuff and a chill out one that looks out over the beach & sea...the room downstairs plays harder or deeper music and has cool panels of pink and blue lights around the walls and places to sit (this is all according to my very shady memory!).

Garlands will be on every tuesday from 4pm til 6am with theme parties every week. I may possibly be working for them again this year, but have heard nothing more myself yet..everything is under wraps for the moment it seems!

Check out
That little bit is making me giddy thinking about it! Keep us posted, eh??? (At least I feel less out of the loop if it's all under wraps as such!)
By the by... where IS pin up? It's at the top of Playa D'en Bossa, innit?
yeah, just further down the beach from bora if you were walking or driving back towards figueretas and ibiza town. Look out for turning by the mini kids fairground and the bull restaurant (something like that anyway!)...Pin up is in there on the left. Sorry, the exact names of these places have escaped me...3 months in ibiza has erased my brain!!
The Garlands party sounds like fun. If the vibe @ Pin Up is anything like Space or Bora Bora then I am definitely there.
Is Pin Up open every night
I know everyone goes after dc10 but i will be going to amnesia for the cocoon opening party after dc10
But i'm liking this cheapness thing thats happenin at pin up
would have liked to make garlands party because i used to go to garlands a lot, but sadly we leave on the 29th
I only remember going on mondays after dc10 and tuesdays after carry on last year. It wasn't always open for the 1st half of the season either because i think they were having problems with the local authorities..or so i was told.

I'm honestly not sure of the plans for this summer.
I know soul heaven will be hosting the wednesday night but that may not open til the 2nd. I'm sure Pin Up will really take off this year so they should put parties on through the week...i hope so anyway!