Garlands - Liverpool


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Anyone been lately. Planning on going down for the Easter Weekend and want to know if it's still decent.

The website hasnt been updated since Christmas?
ahhhh golden days. dave & huey all nighters, then off to queer at clear till midday8).

please let us know what it is like if you go.
Did Dave or Huey not used to post on here a couple of years back? Anyone from Liverpool tell me that it is still going strong? Help!
Yes mate, its still going strong, Open thursdays for students, and saturdays for normal clubbers. One of the best places around, great dj's, late hours etc. Strict door policy however as its still known in some quarters as a 'gay club' so try going in in pairs. Also open selected fridays for big nights and also bank holiday weekends.
yes twas is a gay club - for the best me thinks as the problems came when the state and a few other clubs closed in Liverpool & brought a bad old crowd at times.
Cheers folks. Any other good Saturday night clubs in Liverpool if thins fall through? It's me and the Mrs and my mate and his Mrs, so hopefully be ok.

What is the best time to get there?

Anyone recommend any decent pre club bars close by?
Was in there Boxing Day when it was full and again a couple of weeks later. It's still great - get in there about 12-1ish. Shuts about 4 but Bedlam downstairs goes on til 7. And G Bar over the road on Eberle St open til 9ish I think if you're still going.

The bars nearby are all a pretty **** though - shoes only policy etc... You're better off drinking other side of town. Mojo, a new gaff off Wood St is a lively place for early drinking, good tunes.
I went to Garlands in December. Good crowd, very little campness. Good Delta Juliet's. Cans of red stripe the same price as bottled lager.