Garlands info??



Anyone got anymore info on the garlands parties this year. I've checked out their website and they claim to be having a marathon party lasting over 24 hrs. They also claim to be having theme nights running througout the summer, anyone no what's their opening night theme?
God damn tuesday nights, my first week out there and its miss moneypennys opening night, garlands opening night and underwater.
How the hell is a young impressionable lad like myself supposed to decide where to go :confused: :confused: :confused:
I think I'll just sit by my pool and cry for several hours whilst listening to the cheeky girls on my stereo. :evil:

Or maybe I'll just go to all of them!!! :p :p :p
so if anyone gets any info on what garlands are actually doing pls, pls, pls post the news asap.