Garlands - How Much??



Does ne1 know how much the garlands parties at pinup are going to be this year?? i kno last year they had 6 FREE themed parties and they were AMAZING!!! :eek:
Not exactly sure Garlands price @ Pin Up, Rustywoo's hit it on the head, I know SoulHeaven on the day after is 20 Euro which is bloody good compared to the other shenanigans. ;)
Cheers guys......didnt think it would be to expensive. Cant wait for the 14 hour sesh. C u aug 2nd-16th!!! :lol:
The Carl Cox Global nights @ Space are about 20 - 25 Euro too which is a good night.
Garlands prices

Garlands entry price for July will be 20 euros. Pin Up drinks prices are quite cheap too. Also, when you come in you receive a band with a number on. We are going to randomly select 50 numbers and display them on the far wall. If your number comes up you get free drinks all day & night.


Rob Tisera's Secret Circus gives people a chance to get in free too. Rob will not be anouncing his guests for downstairs, you have to guess which of his friends from the world of harder house music will be joining him. check out the clues on posters around the island that week or go to If you guess all of his guests then you could get in free of charge.
Nice one, see you there then. Hope they'll be as good as your Garlands closing party at Space which was a stormer. ;)
mrs. d. said:
Can anyone confirm that the first theme will be pirates???

Huey should be able to as he's one of the promoters/djs. Huey??? Huey??? You there Huey? :confused: :lol:
Huey said:
The theme for the first party will be Pirates. Best dressed wins a night in Pikes.

Brilliant... My husband and I are challenging each other to see which one of us will be wearing both eyepatches at the end of the night. 8)