Garlands Closing Party???


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Does anybody know when Garlands is having their closing party???

I'm planning on going back to Ibiza on the 15th for a week and would really like to go!!!

Thanks :D :D
Huey: Will it be a free entrance as always? :)

Oh and what about the party that is supposed to be held in Eden on that same night (at least according to the Party Calendar on this site):
Gallery & Clockwork Orange - John 00 Fleming, Alex P, John Kelly.
Was it canceled and instead we get the Garlands closing party?
Ill be in Ibiza between the 20th/28th, is there a Garlands closing party during this week? Would love to know as i'd love to go. Went to one in the Hotel Bahia on the bay 2 years ago and it was fab. :D
Do you need a special invite to get into the Garlands party? I think I read a previous post of someone who turned up but could not get in without an invite?
We went to the one on the 5th august in Kanya during the day, the theme was army and my boyfriend didn't have any camouflage on so they asked him if he had an invite, which he didn't, they let him in anyway, but I'd try and dress to the theme if possible to avoid any hassle.
vwoods02 said:
Is the party going to be at Kanya from 5pm or is it only a night time thing at Eden?

apparently on tuesday 16th it will be only at eden!! ;)

according to the posters the last garlands party at kanya is this afternoon!! :eek:

theme: the sexorcist - dress code: its a horror thing!! :eek:

see you there? :p

Was there at kanya, it rocked.

Its about 20-25 Euros for Eden though!
Huey said:
Tuesday 16th September at Eden

you liar!! :lol: :spank: :lol:

guess who's back! :eek:
dave & huey
and the garlands entertainers
at eden
tuesday 23rd september
12pm - 7am
pre-party at kanya
theme: garlands mascaraface :eek:

that will happen in the funky room while in the main room there is the closing of the gallery - clockwork orange with fergie among others :!:

<--- 8)