Garlands - Awesome as ever


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As expected the opening party was sensational.
Pin Up - what a venue!!! The terrace during the day was awesome and Rob Tissera and Lisa Lashed rocked the inside.

Entertainment for the night included George Schmichel singing Club Tropicana and the as always naked Johnny Ping Pong similtaneously shot fireworks from his arse and knob whilst the terrace errupted to E-Samba. In the crowd were Mr & Mrs Judge Jules, John Kelly & Dave Seaman, whilst taking pride of the place on the stage and vowing to come back every week were Mike and Claire Manumuission.

Last 2 tunes on the terrace were the accapella of Every Thing But the Girl's 'Missing' followed by Dolly Parton's '9-5'. To say the place went ballistic would be an understatement.

When the terrace closed at midnight everyone headed off downstairs to see Rob Tissera & his secret guest LISA LASHES hammering it out. Lisa has her own exclusive residency on the Island but came and played for us...god bless her.

Next week it's Sundissential taking control of the inside, then the week after the Cuban Brothers go ballistic on the Terrace. Check out their guide to Ibiza on MTV dance at the moment.

Other chances to see Garlands in Ibiza are on the Radio 1 Stage on August 9th then we have been invited by MTV to host our own arena for the MTV Ibiza Festival.

If you are in Ibiza this summer do pop in to say hello and get down early or you'll miss out on the legendary Garlands punch!!!!!!
If they're anything like last years bash @ Space they'll be absolute stormers. See you in September Huey. ;)
gecko2 said:
If they're anything like last years bash @ Space they'll be absolute stormers. See you in September Huey. ;)

Are you going to be at Garlands on 9th Sep???????????
Most probably, I might go early as I'm going to Carl Cox's Global night @ Space. ;)
Sounds good was at Garlands in Liverpool this weekend, rockin as ever.......
Am most excited by our trip to garlands in exactly three weeks time 8)

Hope there's some of that punch still around ;)

Thanks huey for that completly unbiased review :rolleyes:

Make sure to post themes up on here. It would be best if the themes were announced several weeks in advance so costumes can be assembled before one's trip.

The next one's Tarts & Vicars......... I'm off as a Tart again. ;)
i just got back from ibiza and i was at the Garlands opening i didnt get there till 12 unfortunatelly and while i was there it was quality, BUT

Why the hell did it close early????? when Rob T said thank you at 3 i thought there was another dj coming on not the lights.
gaz, it seems you and myself went to all the same nights, i did the same as you. i was sitting outside at the end with a big garlands sign wondering about whether or not there was some other party at some old zoo??? or if it was all bull
We were there as well - we were the eejits hitting everyone with flyswatters downstairs. Might be for the best if you don't remember. :D
i remember some guy spanked me with one :eek: told me to watch out for mosquitoes, so i said theres one on his head and went to slap it.
AHHH!!!! That was my husband!! He was wearing a pirate bandana & giant hoop earring as well. AHHH!!!!!! Whaddalaff.
crazy fool. i do remember seeing him leave when i was sat outside you were obviously the gal he was with