Garbi or Fiesta Hotel?


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I'll be there August 6 for a week with a friend of mine to have a good time. We'd like to keep costs down. We're looking at either Garbi hotel, which comes out to 1.610,00 € (Half Board), or Fiesta Hotel Playa d'en Bossa, which comes out to 1,517.60€ (All Inclusive- Ocean View)..

I'm personally leaning towards Fiesta Hotel PDB. What were your experiences like? Any suggestions?

well hard on i guess.garbi is very posh now the middle of things bars ect.but i feel you will like the food and people better at the fiesta hotel.cheaper as you get to use any fiesta hotel in the group band your eat out in another hotel,use pool points you can collect for next trip.better food as well.

you could stay in another resort for the day and no need to rush back for evening meal.they would even give you a room to change in.wash up.

extra money saved to spend on other things.
mate spending way way to much money on a hotel, you go to ibiza to party dont waste money on a seaview room your not gonna be in most of the your money for 24 hour partying, you will sleep for about 20 hours the whole week if lucky...........just my thoughts
Hi Ive stayed at the Fiest a couple of times and loved it. the food is good, the staff dont give any hassle on a night with reasonable music etc, good party vibe and rooms super clean with cleaners every day. Ive stayed round the pool ground level (get your own little seated area) that way you meet lots of people whilst your having your evening warm up!