Fusion returns for a final Fiesta on 25/9/09 - 6/10/09


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10 days until i'm back to Ibiza for my 13th time and the closings of the closing parties are the goal this time!

I'm gonna stay in Dau Sol Apartments (located in Playa Den Bossa) from the 25th of September till the 6th of October and lock the island with a key once I leave! ;)

As always - here's my well planned party schedule:

Friday 25/9/09
Wonderland @ Eden
Main Room: Pete Tong, Eric Prydz, Rob Marmot
Room 2: Radioslave, Nico De Ceglia, Spencer Parker
Room 3: Jo Mills, Thomas Hedberg & Friends TBA

Saturday 26/9/09
Zoo Project closing party @ Gala Night (Noon)
SIS (live), Hector, DeFex, Nic & Kaleb, Manu L, JeanCedric, Lady Ka, Federico Gazzini, Bruno Montverde, Yaya & Lorenzo, Pagal & Funk E, Piticu, Luc Ringeisen, Jonathan Tena, Jose De Divina
Matinee @ Amnesia (Night)
Main Room: J.Louis, Taito Tikaro
Terrace: Andre Vincenzzo, Paco Maroto

Sunday 27/9/09
We Love & Space closing party
Flight Area: Steve Lawler, Tiefschwarz, Guy Gerber (Live), Pedulum DJ Set, Wally Lopez, Elio Riso, Sneaky Sound System, Dan Tait
Terazza: Miss Kittin, 2manydjs, David Guetta, Hot Chip (Felix & Al), Smokin Jo, Nick Curly, Paul Woolford, Ian Blevins
Discoteca: Jeff Mills, James Zabielia, Chris Liebing, Paul Mogg, David Philips, Remo, Martin Buttrich (live)
Sunset Terrace: Alfredo, Rob Da Bank, Tom Novy, Jonathan Ulysses, Jason Bye, Rebbeca Brown (live), Andy Baxter, Arian, Oscar Cano, Ramon Castelis
El Salon: Johnathan Grey, Mr Doris, Oriol Calvo, Paul Darey, Jose Maria Ramon
Red Box: Clive Henry, Jamie Jones, Jem Haynes, Ryan Ogorman, Coley Aleksia, Oscar Colorado, Lewis Ryder, Eddie Vanderhyon
Premier Etage: Jamie Fatneck, Ben Korbel, Jon Howel, Valentin Huedo, Bruno From ibiza, Camilo Franco, Andy Caroll

Monday 28/9/09
Cocoon closing party @ Amnesia
Main Room: Sven Vath, Loco Dice
Terrace: Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Zip

Tuesday 29/9/09
Party TBA

Wednesday 30/9/09
Cadenza closing party @ Ushuaia (Noon)
Luciano & DJs TBC
Subliminal closing party @ Pacha (Night)
Erick Morillo, Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero, Jose Nunez, Sarah Main, Sneaky Sound System

Thursday 1/10/09
Monza closing party @ Privilege
Main Room: Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Raresh
Cocoloco: Paco Osuna, M.A.N.D.Y., Manu-L, Bruno Monteverde

Friday 2/10/09
Supermartxe & Privilege closing party
Juanjo Martin, Vitti, Michael Sanchez, Hugo Sanchez, AB Garcia

Saturady 3/10/09
Matinee & Amnesia closing party
Main Room: André Vicenzzo, J.Louis, Paco Maroto, Taito Tikaro, Mar-t, Les Schmitz, Caal Smile
Terrace: Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Marco Carola

Sunday 4/10/09
Ushuaia closing party (Noon)
Luciano, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Reboot, Mirko Loko
Blue Marlin closing party (Night)
Sven Vath & DJs TBA

Monday 5/10/09
Bora Bora closing party

That more or less sums up my Ibiza 2009 season!
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What I wouldn't give to be at the Cocoon closing, argh, arriving on Wednesday, keep the room clean eh? Sweep the floor!!!! :)

Ibiza closing parties 2009, here I come!
clubbing 10 nights on the trot

that's, like, far out, maan

hope you got a serious amount of dough and drugs
I'm going to be there for quite a lot of your schedule. Planning on going to we love closing, cocoon, morillo and monza. Can't wait! Perhaps our paths will cross somewhere along the line fusion!
I am also out on the island but from the 23rd Sept to the 2nd Oct. Looks like we're gonna be at some of the same parties. Here's my schedule: -

Wednesday - Ushuaia for Luciano closing party. Got my guestlist already sorted through Joel. Meganite Closing Party - Maura Picotto and the gang

Thursday - Cream - Gareth Wyn, Paul Van Dyk and Eddie Halliwell

Saturday - The Zoo Project tbc

Monday - Cocoon Closing Sven Vath, Loco Dice, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Zip

Chill for the rest of the holiday with my lil lady. It's her first time out there so I better go easy on her :p:lol:
Olly sh1t - sorry to disappoint you, but as said here many times before - I ain't into "those" kind of stuff... :D
won't you be totally raging if the dc10 thing goes ahead?
Olly sh1t - sorry to disappoint you, but as said here many times before - I ain't into "those" kind of stuff... :D

not disappointed in the slightest - that would suggest some actual interest in what you get up to..
I keep picturing a FUSION-AIR plane flying over DC10 on the 6th and the soundsystem being drowned out by a mighty NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - fusion's face pressed against the window pane with a look of shock and horror!!
That might as well happen!!!
Due to that i'll try to postpone my flight by 1 day once i'm in Ibiza, so i can make it to DC10 on the 6th of October... wish me luck! :lol:
That's it boys and girls, i'm outta here and soon i'll be able to shout:

See you 'here' in two weeks...
I'm back and it was amazing as always!

Pics are on my Facebook for those who can access it.

Now recovery session is on... catch you later!