funky lounge house mix


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hey, just finished a funky mix set,

heres the tracklist:
Wills Funky Beats n' Drums Mix

62:57 mins

01. The Return - New Day (Original Mix)
02. I:Cube - Disco Cubism (Daft Punk Remix)
03. Rasmus Faber - Ever After
04. DJ Gregory - Attend 2
05. Masters At Work - Work (Work The Walk Mix)
06. DJ Gregory - Attend 1
07. Ian Pooley & Madjik J - Piha (Original Mix)
08. Ultra Nate - Devine Love
09. Ron Trent - Altered States (West Coast Mix)
10. Cheek - Venus (I:Cube Mix)

you can stream it from my site, or download it from me on soulseek , user id =
used x2 tt200's turntables and x2 gemini cdj20's and Behringer DJX700 Mixer

tell us what you think, ps kinda for 'lounge' background purposes