Funky house @amnesia?



Really wanna go to amnesia this august but not sure which nite to go, not into trance so creams abit of a no no. Any good funky house nite going down?
funky house hmmm not sure on that.

house is usually played in the second room. for instance cream have mync project, jon carter, jo mills, lee caberera etc
Hmm may have to stick to pacha, space and el divino then.....not like thats a bad thing! cheers neway dude
There is only really one trance night at amnesia and that is cream
cocoon is techno
for funky house try Made in Italy on Fri or Ibiza Feelin on sat
and macdonsj ( weird name ) said Iberican sound on tues.
Ibiza Feelin looks good even though they have ripped of Balaeric people at Privelige, then again all good ideas get ripped off.
All the nights are house nights so there will be some good funky house played, it depends on the dj expect tribal and techy stuff too.
BTW dfunky

name comes from my actual name
Scott John Macdonald
macdon s j

its from school computing classes and carried over to uni so i kept it
I must say that the house terrace at Amenisia is almost worth the price of admission to the whole club (imo). I would recommend Coccoon on mondays. I fondly remember how the djs in the terrace were laying down some slamming funky house and the vibe there was second only to Space.