Funk D'void



Has a date as

Tuesday 28th August @ Privilege

Now, this is either the new night (28th Monday)
Or the 29th Tuesday @ Aquaholic

More details when Elite Music Management locate a calendar with August on it


Kim Wrong Un

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I notice Funk D'Void has been getting a load of cocoon revival love..

For anyone wondering whatever happened to him - it gets quite interesting! >>

I heard Lars DJ in a bar near where I live a few months back. Been based here a long time now. Local institution now. I've been a casual fan for a few years & not a bad set (more mellow than you might expect). Had a very brief chat with someone who told me he had stepped back from DJing, because he was in a whole heap of shit.

Turns out he got banned a while back from playing a club in Berlin (Renate) for his 'involvement' with a 'far right movement' called "Proud Boys" and someone called Gavin McInnes (who founded them and VICE in New York before that) I don't know the ins & outs or how well he knew/endorsed them or not but there was a bit of a fuss about it in 2017 (the likes of the black madonna all had opinions on it & I think he expressed a few opinions on the black madonna - and you can guess the rest..)
...and then a few weeks back a Spanish music site called Beatburguer outed him as a 'Guardian Angel' vigilante on the metro (petty crime has been pretty bad here this year - I've mentioned it elsewhere) they're claiming he's one of the people in these pictures (click link below) and this has caused a storm and the head of Barcelona police has been issuing dire warnings if they turn up in paramilitary gear - and nobody really knows if these guys have the right intentions or not... he locked his account after I followed but AFAIK he's keeping schtum about it all. This site is pretty right-on and I don't know if they have their own history with him - because it does seem very personal - but it has a created an ugly subplot on the BCN techno scene.

not that I imagine this sort of thing would really bother anyone losing their mind to 'emotional content' but it is further evidence of how dance music cannot escape politics anymore.