From San Antonio to clubs?



Hey everyone!
I'll be staying at Hostal Mari in San far is it exactly from the clubs in Ibiza (particularly interested in Amnesia and Priveledge)
Can you walk there?
If it's too far, how much are disco buses and how much is a taxi ride?
Need actual prices please!

See you there July1-4 :) :D :) :D :) :D
Do not walk to Amnesia or Privilege from San An, many people try this or more often walking back and are killed each year. The road through the island that passes the clubs is known as the highway of death :eek:

Disco Bus from the bus station by the harbour in San an is about 3 euros i think, and a taxi would be about 10-12 euros. The buses drop you on the road outside the clubs, there is a stop for each club.
Good advice N8, this road is given its name for a reason and should not be taken lightly. Make sure you have enough money to get home by bus or cab, too many lives have been lost on this road :cry:
Ok, you guys are SERIOUSLY scaring me with this're not joking, right? People actually died there?
Is it some kind of a legend?
Are disco buses just like regular buses then with their own schedules? Would a hotel have a schedule for buses? I assume they go all night then, right?
yes seriously there is like bearly any lights on a motorway type of road just get a bus or a taxi mate
trancepunch - we have links to bus schedules on the site. take a browse round and i'll guarantee you'll find something you didn't even realise you wanted to know!
walking to privelige

My brothers friend was killed on his way back from amnesia on a scooter.
Take the bus or get a taxi and make sure to be careful when walking up the smaller road to privelige, if u get dropped off on the main road, as it is not very well lit.

Oooh, so you mean people just die there because of natural circumstances, such as the road not being lit well so they get into accidents etc.? I thought there's some "secret crime" going on over there that nobody knows of or something, so I thought that's ridiculous because shouldnt' that kinda stuff be investigated anyways?

I just went to check out the bus schedule from San An to Ibiza and I didn't see the bus going there pretty often, there's a few time frames and that's most people end up taking taxis as it is probably safest and fastest way around Ibiza?
its all about your budget? most people take the buses, they are packed but good fun.
if theres 4 of you then it works out pretty resonable for a taxi and it means you have flexibilty.
even if theres not 4 of you, you will be able to share with others down in the taxi queue.
theres plenty of taxis from SA