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Discussion in 'Meet me in Ibiza' started by Martin Trance, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Martin Trance

    Martin Trance New Member

    Hello guys, my name is Martin, I am 26 and this is my second season working in Ibiza, I would like to meet new people, preferably working here or staying for longer to go to the parties, chilling at the beach, hiking Ibiza mountains, playing sports, I am up for anything..

    Do you remember the connection you had with your childhood friends? Who says it can not come back?
    Just drop me a message :p
  2. T2theAra

    T2theAra New Member

    Hi i am 26 aswell and here for all season :) in which area are you living?
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  3. Martin Trance

    Martin Trance New Member

    I should have said it, I live in Ibiza centre, I sent you a message Tara.
  4. Wesley0913

    Wesley0913 New Member

    I'll be in town solo from August 19th - 24th, would be fun to hang with locals who know the area well.
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  5. Andi Smart

    Andi Smart New Member

    Hey dude, heading over 22nd August, up for meeting new people and having a few club nights :)
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  6. Niels Swaans

    Niels Swaans New Member

    Hi boy, arriving 30th of sept till 5th oct. Wanna meet up and party along

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