french house song about new york city

Yeah it was released on streetlab. Cat: SLAB 032

includes the pella which would be pretty fun to use i reckon :)
Kris_Edinbrgh said:
Greg Di Mano 'New York to Paris' been around for a while but im not sure if its had an official release?!?.

I think you're describing a different tune.

Is the Greg Di Mano tune the ione that goes "It's been done.... From New York, to Paris, to Chicago..."

because that mentions no buildings iirc, and I'm sure vdubjb would have described it differently
Straight from Martin himself, dammit , I need to get my hands on these specials!! :eek:
I simply love this track: "NY USA". I know you made a remix of it (is it right?). Is this vinyl on sale yet? Can you give me more details about it? Thank you ;)
Answer : It's actually a re-edit of the French Master "Serge Gainsbourg" who recorded the original version in 1968 on his album "Percussions". This song is a classic in France. I just allowed myself to re-edit and uplift a little bit the song, using a beat patern from "Gregory" (I had his permission). Of course this is a non-official version, and I think it's cool like that. To release it I would have to clear and licence the original song and to get a remix authorization.

If I get that kind of agreement I will release a few vinyls but, my respect for the author comes first. I'm sure you'll understand that. Thanks anyway for your nice feedback and if you don't know Serge Gainsbourg, check his discography. You'll be amazed. Peace