french funky house mix

sorry .. dont take it the wrong way ... lik ethe style a lot but the switch between 2 mixes is not good enough ... try bringing it in slower, try longer mixes, try to synhcronize the beat longer

question how long are u djing ... you are djing with cds right?

Dont give up thats just the most important advice

it's acually my first real attempt at doing a one hour mix, so im open to any suggestions, good or bad, thanks for the advice,

both cds and decks,

hav you got any good mixes i can listen to, for example?
Hi Blue
The Mix wasn't bad for a first attempt.
Keep trying to get them beats perfect sometimes they slipped for quite a while.
Also try and bring the mixes a bit closer together as there was a lot of the tunes tailoring off and then another load of start up beats.
This works for some types of music but only if there is a decent bassline to keep it interesting.
Also it builds up nicely but the last tune didn't go with the build up b4 and the tune previous.
Its hard doing mix tapes as you can't really feel the vibe like you can in a club and its hard to find direction with a mix.
not bad though good luck.