Free water in the clubs!!!!


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Was just reading the news section and found out about this new pipeline which will provide acceptable drinking water to every tap on the island and should be up and running for the summer season!!!!
What wonderful news, or maybe not ehy???
Is it just me who thinks that no club on the island will pipe drinking water to the taps when they can charge at least £4 for a few mouthfuls?? Hey maybe I'm being too suspicious and the owners of your favourite club will be upstanding citizens and forget about the £3.80 per bottle profit.
I wouldn't rush out and spend the money you usually put aside for keeping cool and hydrated in the clubs on that new Prada top which would look lovely on you in Pacha, just yet.
Anyway, here's the link:
It says that the water on the island will be of a drinkable standard but to who's standard. What a spaniard would call acceptable and englishman could call pishwater.

Not saying spaniards have low standards but anything better than what they are used to could be acceptable.

i say pay an extra £10 to get in and make tham have evian in the taps :D ;) 8)
HMMM I dont mean to be judgemental but off course they are still gonna charge bigtime on water, since many of the pillpoppers will still be willing to buy it, or dehydrate from all the dancing......
well, if elections are near, polititions make consitions.....same with the water...i bet 100 € that there will be no! trinkable water on ibiza soon...
That would be brilliant but i doubt itl happen, never been anywhere in spain where tap water is drinkable and itd prob take them a couple of years to set it up. id love to know how much profit the club owners make on water over there, it really broke my heart to pay €8 for a bottle of water in pacha & i can assure you it was NOT service with a smile!
I was so thirsty & broke nearing the end of one great night there that i had to ask the (oh so friendly of course...) barmaid could i have an ice cube, she was horrified at my polite,yet outrageous, request so i had to rob one while her back was turned!
Luckily i found some sucker to buy me and my friends a round of red bulls at €10 a can shortly after that! :lol: