free or reduced club tickets??



My mate who's coming on hols with us, has gone absolutely barmy. Or so I think!!
He reckons that when he gets out to the emerald isle he is going to get a load of free/reduced tickets for the clubs. :rolleyes:
I've been to the island for 4 years now, but I've never had to ask for freebies.
Does anyone know if theres any truth in this, or is my dear ol buddy gonna be sadly mistaken!!
Come on Robo you must know some stories about blaggers!! :lol:
free tickets!! tell me where!
seriously, you can't just be given a free ticket.only if you Really know the promoter! and even then its doubtful.

But yes you can buy discounted tickets in bars and music shops.
i went with 2 friends in 2000 for a week. a dj i know from the uk had a friend working for Pacha at the time...just a few calls and

we got guest lists for Ministry (x3), Home @ Space (x3), Manumission (x1) and Perfecto (x3)

saved a good few quid that year!
We get guestlist entry to Ministry but only cos we know promoter and resident dj, apart from that have always had to pay elsewhere.
i got guestlist for godskitchen the past 2 yrs only cause i no the owners girelfriend :confused:
Try to befriend as many people as possible and use and abuse all your contacts prior to going ;)

Basically everyone is trying to blag it and I pretty much gave up trying, although I know someone involved with DC10 this year which could be fun!
Sorry to be a nob and correct ya Taffy Boy but do ya not mean the white isle and not the emerald isle. If ibiza was the emerald isle then i'd be well in luck living here.
ps. We got free tickets to get into es paradis a couple of nights last year but didnt go as they were on bollox nights.
seanbelfast - Griffins gf? Think i've met her a few times at parties!

It can be easy to get guestlist/tickets. If you know workers who have been there all season and they do a good job/are on good terms with there boss then as long as its only one or two or you they can usually get you on the guesty. Got this for Retro,Subliminal last year. Also a good friend of ours was running his own night and got us into various other nights with him and free drinks vouchers etc......

The promoters also give workers/flyer peeps an amount of free tickets to give away. They are supposed to find a group of say 6 attractive girls, give two of them the free tickets and the others discount flyers. This means they get six people into the club, they are pretty much guaranteed to come along if two of the group have free tickets. However, the workers often sell the free tickets for say half price to make more money for themelves!

The one exception to all this last year was Space. Even most workers cant get in free there on the busy days.
my girl and her mate were given 2 free tickets 2 amnesia when they went 2 bora bora beach f*** knows how
My girlfriend and myself went early to ibiza last year(june 8th) and eden, es paradis and summun were giving away free tickets to get the punters in. Maybe your mates heard about that? 8)
A little bird told me that if you have a paid of wooly socks they give you NOT ONLY free tickets ... but V.I.P access !
*Saffy* said:
A little bird told me that if you have a paid of wooly socks they give you NOT ONLY free tickets ... but V.I.P access !

Can I borrow your wooly socks, Saffy?! ;)
All i can say is that if you want to get in a club for free in england what do you do ?
Its the same in Ibiza although in Ibiza you can befriend people quite quickly so you may get free entrance to a club when your there maybe.