Free internet in PDB


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Does anyone know the best places offering free wi-fi in PDB?

Last year I wandered down to Garbi (I think) with my laptop whenever I needed internet, but it's a bit of a trek in the sun from Fiesta Don Toni where I'm staying, is there anywhere closer? I'd pay for hotel internet but it's prohibitively expensive. :(

If there's nowhere closer, maybe I'll use it as an excuse to splash out on an I-Touch :)
forget its real name now.funk??(cafe on your way to garbi.just before jet starts down a right hand street leading to beach its on the right.just by a drink or see if you can get it outside.if not its free internet if you buy a drink,5 mins from don toni.
Cheers Woody - knew you'd have the answer if anyone did :)

On a related note, I wish Fiesta would add free wi-fi to their hotels, I use Fiesta whenever I can and they always seem to be eager to improve things (well to me anyway), this would be a good step. Oh well, maybe expensive internet is a good money-spinner with so many family hotels, some kids seem to spend several hours a day on it in Don Toni... :confused:
thats it.thought i was losing it.a euro for 20 mins is a good money spinner for them.

keep to right hand side of main road.look for the sign on lamp post.2nd right side street i think.look for a set back cafe/bar.just past that
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