Francios K @ Space


The Scumfrog

Anybody else catch his set? I only heard the first hour, but thought the music was awesome albeit a lot tougher than I expected given he was a Body and Soul resident.
I heard him @ Basics in Leeds in April and he blew me away, absolutely awesome, haven't heard somebody as good in ages. Although I've had a listen to some of his own tracks and thought they were nothing like what he was playing out. If you don't know, his music company is
I caught it and it seemed quite good.

The 'quite' comes from not liking the inside of space that much. It was probably brilliant but after being on the terrace everything sounds like a crock of sh*te! 8)
It was our last night on the island and i truly enjoyed myself even though i'm not a big tough house fan...

I've seen Francois K in Chicago before and his set was very soulful...the set at space(inside) was hard, funky, and very interesting!

I stood behind the booth for appx 20 mins and the man(what, is he over 50 yrs old?) with his old man glasses was throwing it down like he was ready to jump on the floor with every other maniac!!

The sound, lights, and the vibe was wonderful!!! Those white lights they turn on during builds are get to really see everyone getting ready for the drop!!!

nice nice night!!!