Fragma vs. Ultra Nate


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does anyone know, if there is a remix combining Ultra Nates "Free" vocals with the melody of Fragmas miracle?

Or is this done live by the awesome Gordon Edge? (cause I think I have heard this at Bora Bora as well ... could have been GE too, of course ... hmm)

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you have any idea of how this mix is called then? Because, doing this in a live set would be a challenge .. even without playing the trumpet simultaneously .. :D

matt collins

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Think the one I'm thinking of was called Toca Free or something equally as ludicrous...

If it isn't a live mix then it's very bad, cos the vocal's out. :lol::lol::lol:
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i cant watch anything on youtube here in work but i know for a fact that that video clip contains absolute nonsense music


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Ricardo Groove Vs Fragma & Ultra Naté - Free Toca Me

.. is definatly not what i had in mind. Checked the tune and it is crap. Think I could do better in a live mix even while playing a trumpet (which i never did b4) :lol: :lol:

I'm afraid, the mix i heard at bora bora was done live as well .. which i already thought, but seeing gordon doing the same thing confused me a bit.