jane f

can anyone recommend anywhere chilled to stay in formentera - and which bits of the island are the best (ie least busy!)

also i heard rumours of some great bars/chill out cafes there - can anyone shed any light

thanks x
we found a nice quiet relaxed spot in es calo
mind the rocks though as they can be dangerous ( thinks back of treading on sea enenama )
No this was just a beach we stayed at on a day trip
i think there is a link somewhere on this website that has info about formentera and hotels.
A couple of years ago when I went to Formentera me and a mate met up with a friend who was living and working there. She took us to THE BLUU BAR. To this day it is the best place I've been to in Ibiza. Forget Mambo and the rest it is soooo cool.

Not busy, Lots of comfy seats, light tunes in the background and lovely food. I reccommend this place.

Ask a cab how to get there when you get off the ferry.

Also there's a beuiful beach at the bottom of the bar. (Its a nudest beach though so be prepared!) :lol: :lol:

No one ,minded us not going nude though. For the best probably.... :)