Formentera ferry timetable


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I being trying to find a Formentera ferry time table. The link on here is broken and all other links on google point to a booking co which also does not have timetables.

Does anyone have a link they works?
where in ibiza are you planning on staying.that helps with boats leave at all time in a morning from different resorts,most are from 10am/10.30.till 4.30pm or 5pm return
Thanks for that. As there is nothing between the 08:30 and 11:00 I might wait until later in the year for my eivissa shopping trip
When you get to the ferry-port in Ibiza, there are usually two or three windows open, with the ferry time (and company) clearly marked on the TV screens above.
If you get a day return, then you must come back via the same company you went out with, so grab a time-table from the window you book your ticket from.

Just looking at Balaera, they have announced their early summer schedule, looks like the last ferry back is aroud 9pm.