For those out in Ibiza around the middle of JUNE ..



i.e. 18th June .... Bora Bora meet up? Anyone fancy it? ( See "meeting point" post for full details ...
I'll be shopping during the day might try and get to bora bora later.
Will probably stop off there as its next to our hotel.
what time are you planning on being there.
I think i might be able to be there.
I'm not actually going out late that night but will have a few drinks nontheless.
keep an eye out for me and my GF
Me and my other half Ric could pop down to Bora Bora that night.

Also planning on having a quiet one that evening but then I've said that before :lol:
I arrive on the 13th for 10 days and my sister pulled out but I am still going. I will head down on the 18th at around 9ish. Will look for something blue to wear on wrist.
dance4life said:
Jannica and I will be around for sure so watch out for us! :D

Definitely on Sunday 22 before going to Space...

What time are you and Jannica planning on going to Space?? We normally get there about midday and stop off at Bora Bora on the way to have a couple of vodka lemons to warm us up :p