For girls: what to wear at Space?


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I'm having trouble with this one, from watching youtube i get the impression that this club/the We Love Sunday may not be as dressy as going to somewhere like Pacha.....I leave in 10 days for my first trip and am having a bit of a fashion crisis! Would you say most girls keep it pretty casual with jeans and a tank top? Or would it be right to get all glammed up? Thx. :)
I'm not a girl :spank: But by what others say, and by what i've seen over the years I'd say go Comfortable (esp the shoes). I don't know if it exists but Comfortable and sexy are the order of the day !!:lol:
well you will find people that dress up everywhere and peoplethat dress down everywhere..

Space is more casual. I only wear skirts and dresses when I go out but they can be pretty casual. Although lots of people wear flip flops, if you step on some glass it could get ugly.

Depends on your feet too. i have some heels which i can dance for hours in. Also, with o more daytime party to party dancing, you probably won't be on your feet for more than 8hours these days.

We are staying at the same hotel aren't we miss florida? lets try and meet up!

Just bring as much as your weight limit will allow you to!

See you there! 8)
I want to ask you something seriously,

Do you really think someone gives a damn about what you wear @ Space?

The answer is, no. :)

Anyway, whats wrong with a pair of skinny jeans, some sneakers and a nice top?
Whatever you do dont wear flip flops to the We Love closing Party (which will be on when you are there)
Space can get very busy. When I saw my boots (yes boots) the morning after the last time I was there I thought I had walked home cross country.
Definately don't wear flip flops to Space... i did when i went in July and my feet were cut to shreds and covered in disco dirt. I actualy picked a piece of glass out of my foot on the beach the next day!