Football on ibiza?


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I was wondering if anyone can tell me what, if any, football matches get played live on the island.

I was lookin for something different to do on the island and since I love football I think this would be a pleasant alternative to sittin' in the pub watchin Sky Sports (i can do that at home!)

It would be nice to watch some football in the sunshine!

I'm heading out on Wednesday morning (12th Sep) for 2 weeks.



have you tried sociedad deportiva portmany ? they have a website.. not sure what level /days/times etc
This is how the local league finished last season. Pick your faves!

cheers for that link, whilst I'm more of a rugby fan, I often watch the San Antonio team training from my hotel balcony, wondered what they were called. Glad to see they are top of that table, last year they woke me up on a Sunday morning playing Britney Spears and other cheesy pop, seeing as they are top I'll let them off...