Food reviews 26 July - 9 August


Now before i mention some place here it should be noted that we were on a budget and couldn't really afford the luxurious eateries!

Jackie Browns...San An Bay

3 course meal for 10.50€

really good value here and the food is excellent. The Cajun chicken was huge and yummy.


Small italian in Ibiza Town i remembered from my youth when i used to go to Ibiza on family holidays. This place has been there since 1971 (although i think on different premises).

Very good authentic pizzas at very good prices.

Savannah.....San An

very very very very yummy indeed

lovely setting.....great food....good music to accompany it

has the Veggie Stir Fry 1 night and the Thai Chicken Curry another and bot were fantastic. Not cheap but not too expensive and well worth it. We ate in Mambo last year and while Mambo was good...Savannah was much much better!