Flying out on the 10th


Super SAN AN

Hi There
I'm going to be flying out to Ibiza on the 10th of August. i'm staying in the San An Area. I'm 22m from london wanting to meet as many people as pos........

So if anyone wants to meet up for clubbing and drinks Email me
Arr no

Your going to miss the radio 1 dance weekend, were going on the 6th for 1 week so flying back on the 13th i think. Well were 2, 23 year old lads going to party in san an

Steve 8)
Gonna be there in a few weeks...cant wait

Me and my mate Roger are arriving in San at on 6th August until the twelf so there for the whole of the radaio 1 weekend and cannot wait.

Its gonna be wicked...we are two males, one 29 and the other hope to see you all there if you can make it...its gonna be awesome....

We are staying at the Orosol appartments...which is right near to Punta Es Moli...the radio oen beach party site