Flights to Ibiza from Barcelona?



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Does anyone know if you can get flights from Barcelona to Ibiza? If you can, what is the approximate price and what days can you fly?


I am sure you can have flights between Ibiza and Barcelona... I even think every day a few times.

I don't know flights and costs, but I know that Iberia is flying to and from Barcelona <---> Ibiza is the site, on the right you can find the English Version button.
As for Price last time I check roundtrip was costing $190. But I bought by tickets 4 months ago for $119 (Iberia) :p
Dear all

Thanks for your help with the flights!!

BCN Ibiza

A return flight costs about $150 at least it did last year. You can also get a boat but it takes 14 hours it was so bad we couldnt face getting back on it and instead got a flight back to BCN. There are a number of companies Air Europa, Iberia,.... and about 6 flights a day. You can buy the tickets at the airport or from Corte Ingles in Placa Catalunya. If you are going to stay in BCN for a couple of days it is really worth it - a lot of good bars and Clubs - LA Terraza and this Techno Club I can't remember the name but it was really good
I bought a roundtrip from barcelona to Ibiza for 90 dollars. I also booked it in the beginning of march. I can't wait to get to Ibiza...
Yo go to, it's cheap, flights everyday around 141US dollars, that's what i'm doing
Catch the Ferry?

I've heard that the ferry ride is really long (10 hours) and boring, that's the only reason I'm thinking about flying. Have you heard anything about the ferry ride?


Well think of it this way.. yes the ferry ride is 9 hours... but.. it costs 65euroes both ways, and your already meeting a whole bunch of likeminded clubbers. I really dont think its boring cuzz you have a bunch of party people on a boat for 10 hours .. you can walk around go to the lounge area and meet tons of people! See its not so bad plus your saving cash!
Ferry rocks!!! You get to meet heaps of new people, it's cheaper and also you get a better view entering the port of Ibiza... definitely the better option, suddenly 10 hrs isn't so bad. :)
BAmbOLa said:
Ferry rocks!!! You get to meet heaps of new people, it's cheaper and also you get a better view entering the port of Ibiza... definitely the better option, suddenly 10 hrs isn't so bad. :)

10 HOURS vs. 1 HOUR by plane = 9 Hours extra to party!!! I think hving 9 hours is worth it for me to fork over extra 60 bux!!
8) Seriousdanger i do agree with u! i've never btake the boat but my friends told me it's great!
Last year i plan to go to ibiza by boat but my friends aimed to buy ticket only 2 days b4 leaving barcelona thursday but it was full in august (especially thursday to monday coz spanish people who want to make a trip to ibiza for the week end & we had to wait 5 days to catch the next boat (we can't coz we booked an hotel half we had to buy ticket plane full price)
i'm gonna b back to barcelona & this time we r warned.
in ibiza around 09 to 21 august
Flights or Ferry?

Why is everybody talking about flights so much? Why not just take the ferry? Is it that long of a ride?
Because it takes 14 hours to take the ferry and only 1 hour to fly....
It's an overnight journey and personally I'd rather have the extra night in Ibiza!
Ferry Schedule

I think that makes total sense. I thought about it after I wrong my post a note. Anyway, does anybody know the ferry schedule just in case I can 't get flights (particularly the earliest ferry to leave Barcelona and the lastest to leave Ibiza going back).
hour 4 ferry

i've just booked my tickets for sat 10 august barcelona to ibiza
45 euros
Don't worry u gonna find a ticket plane but 4 the boat it's harder (see what happened to me)
OK plane is comfortable but i have to follow my m8 who can't afford it.
This summer i'm gonna have fun in ibiza with a mate but i'm gonna care about the money (can't imagine how much money i blew off past 2 years (convertible car at 150 euros /d,drinks on me,clubwear ... & i want to keep money to spend with my girlfriend...)!)