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ARTIST: Chris Lum
TITLE: "Chairman of the Messageboard"
CAT # : FAR01
RELEASE DATE: May 19th 2003


Flat & Round Present Chris Lum's "Chairman of the Messageboard"

Chris Lum "Chairman of the Message Board"
A1: Deep Diablo
B1: I Remember When…

Created by the owner of the acclaimed Undergroundhouse.net, Ben Davis, Flat & Round is a new imprint championing the cause of solid deep house grooves. The first outing is a two tracker from Moulton Studios ace Chris Lum. "Deep Diablo" uses possessed eerie keys, a style conscious glamorous synth, a guttural heavy bass and sticking vocal edges to produce a sure-fire dancefloor stormer. "I Remember When" harks back to the past, courtesy of slipping sluggish beats, amorous smiling tripped out keys and a good- natured synth and brass duet. Top quality deep & funky house as always from Chris Lum! Plays so far from, Swag, Q Burns, Inland Knights, Rob Mello, Mazi, Souldoubt, LHK, Rick Preston, Lllorca, Greg Vickers and Murray Richardson…

Review by Jon Freer.

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FAR02 – Demarkus Lewis "Southern Goods EP"