Fishing Trips In Ibiza


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Hi, i am currently in ibiza having a great time and enjoying looking at this site. I have had a good look round but dont seem to be able to find anywhere that does fishing trips ( half day preferably), i would appreciate it if any1 knows of anything and if you do could you reply please, thanks in advance, thanks Jack :)


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i know that the 'barabdos' does sea fishing trips leaving from san an harbour by the egg.


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fishing trips

We have just returned from Ibiza and went on a fishing trip with Lindsay Fishing in San Antonio. Don't go on it. We were taken out for 6 hours from 4pm to 10pm with the promise of swimming, snorkelling and deep sea fishing with all food and drink included. We had some beer, coke and water and 2 ham and cheese sandwiches. The first fishing rod didn't come out until 7.30pm and we caught the smallest fish going. For the pleasure of this trip we paid 80 euros for men and 70 euros for women. Complete rip off. I went and complained to no avail.:cry:


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Not exactly deep sea fishing but Phoenix Dive in Cala Compte had a wonderful snorkeling trip to Es Vedra. It was around 30 Euro each but filled up quick because the boat was small. It was great fun because of how few people were on the boat, and the captain took us around Es Vedra and then to Atlantis and Cala Tarida for snorkeling and swimming; from 2 PM - 6 PM. In Atlantis we were able to feed the blue fish (I was hoping one of them would eat the jellyfish!). The view underwater was stunning but quite deep (I love heights but am scared of depths, so my time in the water was minimal), and then when I came out of the water I noticed Erick Morillo and friends were laughing at us from their Sea Doo boat. It's a German diving company that caters mostly to the residents at the Delfin Playa (I was the only English speaker aside from the captain), but the trip was a lot of fun. The closest we came to fishing were the cookies we threw in the water to attract schools of fish in Atlantis, and I did see a flying fish on the way to Es Vedra. The goats are fat on Es Vedra - we saw tons of them feeding like crazy. Didn't see any bats, though.


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I went on the Barbados last year for a fishing trip. Didnt catch anything but had some dolphins swimming next to us for a bit. Sailed to Es Vedra then passed the sunset strip as the sun was setting. Was pretty good day out, think the dolphins made it though!