First year and best year


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First year - 1997
Best year - cant say I have one, probably more to do with the company I went with rather than the vibe/place itself. Everything changes but more so the mind set of the individual and stage there in of there lives. Been the last 3 seasons and had as much fun as I ever did. just slept and ate slightly more.

Hard to beat We Love Sundays though and the outdoor terrace.
Remember being absolutely wrecked on the Terrace with my girlfriend back then, now wife and Mum to wee one and thinking this is what its all about :lol:

Now only go with the lads :lol:


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First year was 1995. We've been back at least once a year since 2002 so hard to pick one year as the best. 1996 will always be special. 2002 was my 30th - Kenny Dope at El Divino is still one of my favourite sets. 2006 for our honeymoon with 10 mates was great fun. 2012 for my 40th - 1st time at Wax da Jam at Aura. And then our 2nd trip of 2017, no clubs just wandering around bar hopping, beaches, eating. Loved it.
With the exception of the last one, all my favourites have been when we've stayed for 10 days or more. Maybe I should extend our trip for this year?!


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First year 2012, best year 2013.

Felt older and wiser in the 2nd year, and don't judge me on this! but EDM was at its still felt fresh with cannons going off, people were putting their effing hands up to songs that had been chart hits and all of Europe knew the words to and the productions levels went up a gear following Ushuaia opening a couple of years earlier.

Of course this era outstayed its welcome and has led to a lot of bad trends on the island like the VIP culture but at the time it was a laugh


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First year on the island was 1987 ... I was 14 and stayed in PDB with my family ... ended up on some sort of 18-30 booze cruise and downed a yard of wine on the boat and ended up being sick all over the table at lunch ... fast forward to 2014 and re-visited Ibiza for a two-week stint in Salinas with the wife ... after giving up on electronic music in 2001 I was intrigued by the scene on Ibiza and we ended up in Space for a Carl Cox Revolution Party ... had a great time and have since returned to Ibiza over 10 times since then ... best years for me was 2016 & 2017 ... for me Solomun at Pacha 2016 was peak (amazing year of his Essential Mix and Space Closing set and we saw him with Michael Mayer) and 2017 we really let go at the end of the holiday and had an amazing night at Circoloco against all odds ... I am now avid forum reader and getting proper old now >45 but I guess the moral is whilst reading all of the better in the old days stuff Ibiza really does have a lot of magic and we are still discovering new stuff / friends / experiences that has really changed our lives when we could have just drifted into boring middle age


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First year was 1990 for a family holiday when I was 15, I remember hearing Move your body Xpansions a lot, which I bought the tape single of when I got back home! We staying in Santa Eulalia, would love to find that hotel again but never bothered looking, it was on the edge of a cliff.
First clubbing holiday was 1999, been back every year since, best year was probably 2001, some great tunes released that year, Kings of tomorrow Finally being one of the best, the Space terrace was very popular by this time for Sundays, DC10 was still a morning club and still relatively exclusive/unknown and not the place it is today, trance was still very popular then too and all clubs had weekly trance nights of some description, Pacha even had Sundissential which was trance/hard house - cant imagine that nowadays!


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First year was eh? 77. Ibiza was better in the old days because always new music(no internet),less criminals, always free into the clubs because everyone was/were friends.
:rolleyes:Best year? I do not know:Space terrace, Es Paradis, all nacionalities, Ku/Privilege 8 in the morning with the sunrice and the Amnesia terrace. Best moment could be a night at Amnesia terrace in the rain, no electricity dancing to the "bongoman" till late:lol:
Today I like Pikes, Destino, small places and Formentera. Been every year except 1978 and 1980
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First: 2004 (stumbled upon Space closing completely unprepared)
Best: 2005 (Went back to see if I had imagined it and my mind was blown again)


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Great reading.

My first year was 2006

Best year I had was 2011. Underworld live at privilege, circo loco then onto Sven all night long cocoon terrace, kehakuma at space were highlights

but had so many good times before and since that

Went solo for the 1st time for few days last year

Loved them all


First year 2006.
Which was the best year? I love the island , each year I try to come each time that I can , but the best year grouping people, music , clubs maybe has been definetely 2007 because was the last year of official morning party.
But each year for me has been beautiful...I've more friends on the island than where I'm living , for the 2019 I scheduled to land to ibiza 3 times ( first week of june, one week in july for my birthday and of course for the closing season .... maybe is it time to consider to move my life in ibiza?? )


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First year 1993 - lads first holiday and accidental trip to Amnesia for the water party - eye opener
Best year - hmmm have to say 1999, insane night and carry on for Manumission on first Monday and then first Cocoon the following week when it did a limited 4 week run to start off if I remember right. Very different for Ibiza at the time but amazing music and totally different crowd (about 5 other Brits apart from our group)


First year was 1997.

Best year was 1999. The trance scene was at its peak, manumission in full swing and Sundays at Space provided great variety. We were out every night!

It’s been good since and I’ve had some terrific nights on the island but 99 was the peak for me.

If we are doing worst year, 2018. After 21 years visiting the island we are still undecided about this year. We really felt the island was in decline in many ways last year, but this coincides with the way I am feeling about music too. It’s no coincidence. And reality is ibiza is aimed at younger and richer people than me. But I’m sure there is fun to be had and found.
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First trip was 1989. Stayed in San An and was pretty clueless where to go so just followed the crowd. I remember an open air bar called "Idea" which was not far from the Star club where we went a few times.

Best trip for clubbing was 1999. Home at Space was a force back then. All 23 hours of it. Closely followed by 2002 with an introduction to DC10. Was an edgy nuthouse in them days but we must have loved it as we went twice.

Gotta give 2009 a mention with mine and the Mrs first trip to Formentera. Stepping over the dunes to the view of Playa Mghorn with a small bar playing "The Sea" by Morcheeba will live with me forever.

Loads more to mention... its a tough one.


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I was there that night at Space when the power went! About an hour into Sasha's set, boom, no music! Nobody knew what was going on.
No air conditioning either :) I remember someone walking around handing out drink tickets, and when the power came back on Sasha and Sander decided to just play back to back rather than one after the other....until at least 10 in the morning.

Really excellent vibe when everyone on the dancefloor starts at the same level and the same time...Space power outage was the ultimate dancefloor reset!


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Must have been fall 1989. Stayed at Los Molinos as this was probably the only hotel open at that time of the year. Pacha was open on the weekend.
My father was looking to buy some property on Mallorca, but the reality and his expectations did not go hand in hand, so the real estate agent said that for what he is looking for, he shall take a look at Ibiza.
So here we are.

Best year sometime in the mid 90's. The pink brothel at the Jesus junction. ?


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First year: 2002 (I had given it a miss until then, as I had assumed Ibiza was all like Ibiza Uncovered).

Then I went at least every year until 2007, and besides a quick trip in 2009, I stopped going until 2014 but have gone at least once a year since.

Yes, it's changed a LOT since 2002, but I still love Ibiza. It helps that I'm older and don't have to do it on a budget these days, plus I'm more interested in exploring the hidden parts of the island and nice meals, rather than going clubbing every day and eating rubbish (or not really eating!).

Best year: For clubbing, it has to be pre-Space (& DC10) roof, when daytime clubbing was still allowed everywhere and DJ Gee ruled Bora Bora. So 2003 or 2004. I did have an amazing time in 2005 when Optimo played Manumission and the Carry On at Space. So much fun and probably one of my favourite ever clubbing memories.

Although 2015, due to getting married in Ibiza and spending a week in a beautiful villa in the SW with friends was pretty special!
Not a veteran like most people here ha but first year was 2013 for my sisters 30th - as it was all about her we had to follow a strict itinerary but once I experienced Amnesia I knew I'd be back.

Best year was 2018, was going through a rough patch in my relationship but we had a holiday to Ibiza booked so decided to go anyway and it really saved us - the evenings spent watching the sunset with a few drinks and the nights spent dancing till the early hours fueled by madman and what have you ;) and the days spent lazing around ;) it was a very special time for us and sorry to sound like a cheeseball but we fell in love all over again during that week and have vowed we will be back every year if possible :lol: