First Trip to the Island



Well, I recently got back from my first trip to Ibiza. I must say that I wasn't disappointed. As an American, I definitely got a dose of culture shock, from the brand of cars to the way the toilets flush to the wall outlets.

We stayed at a time share in Santa Eularia. It was great. Maids cleaned our apartment everyday, we had two huge balconies, two bedrooms, two baths, and it was fully equipped with dishes, etc.

Here's a list of some various things that struck me:

1) At El Divino, the ramp where those large doors slide has got to be some sort of hazard. Every time I walked outside I almost fell on my face. I went to see George Acosta but the g/f got sick right when he came on and I had to drive her home :(

2) The no tipping policy took a while to get used to. In America we tip for everything. I think it improves the service. If you are not receiving any tips, than there isn't much of an incentive for excellent service.

3) I now know why Ibiza is named as one of the more dangerous places to drive. I felt like a grandma compared to the other drivers. The roundabouts are great, though. After I figured out what I was doing, I felt that the traffic flowed well during most of the day.

4) Everyone I met in the clubs were incredibly friendly. Even the woman who called me a pig after I let out a nice belch was nice. Every person I bumped into staggering to the bathroom gave me a hand as opposed to being a dick about it. The only person I saw acting like a prick was one of the bouncers at Amnesia. Out on the terrace there are doors all over the place, and naturally people wanted to leave through those doors because they were so convenient. I saw this bouncer toss a girl into a wall when she tried to exit. When the boyfriend pushed the bouncer because of it, the prick through a beer bottle at his feet. Talk about customer service.

5) My favorite quote I heard while on the island: "It's always the Brits who are fighting. It's never us Irish. You will never see an Irishman in a fight." - credited to one of the guys I met at Pacha, hehe

6) I was not aware that the beaches are topless. Being the sexually repressed American that I am, I thought that it was rather intriguing. My girlfriend didn't like it so much at first, but got used to it after a while and I even talked her into taking off her top. She then decided that it would only be fair for me to be nude, so we walked down to the naked end of Las Salinas and I let it all hang out. Of course, about 15 girls walked by right after that, but it was a good time.

7) My girlfriend had one major complaint: The ways that guys stare at women in the clubs. She described it as "Raping me with their eyes." Now I understand that when a girl gets dressed up, it is partially to elicit these looks from men. She said that they went too far, much more so than they do in American clubs. Does anyone else get this impression or is it just her being snooty?

8. The weather was incredible. I am from Florida, so I am used to the heat. The total lack of humidity, at least relative to Florida, made the need for A/C rather negligible.

9) To top off the trip, I almost brawled with a transsexual the last day. We had waited 40 minutes for a taxi and he/she tried to get in front of us. What are the rules for that, anyway? I mean fake breasts or not, it is still a man, right?

Well, I definitely would like to make it back, but the money squeeze ($1,200 for a flight from the states) might not make it possible.

Thanks to everyone on the website for the help. You helped me make the most of a great trip and I am appreciative. Until next time!
i didn't think that the guys at the clubs were aggressive- i think their more pushy here in america- in eivissa- everyone just wants to dance. (sigh) i wish i was still there!! :cry:
The nude end of Las Salinas is towards the Sa Trincha bar. It is less congested and the beach is more rocky and rough. Oh, and there are naked people laying everywhere.
Thanks. I have been wondering about something since leaving. Because the tourism on the island is so seasonal, where do the workers come from? Are most of them from Spain and come over for the four months? Are they paid well enough for it to be worth the trip or do they just come for the atmosphere and the fun? Just curious.

enjoyed your review phil.did make me laugh.great to know that innosence is still alive and kicking in this crazyworld.goin large on the 30th aug cant wait