first trip to ibiza HELP



my 2 friends and I are going to Ibiza for 4 days at the beginning of august. we were wondering if anyone had any advice on where to stay - if we should stay in ibiza town itself or on a beach nearby (if there are even hotels there). we want to relax, get a tan, hang out with pple our age (early 20s) and go clubbing at night. we dont want anything too expensive, since clubs are supposed to cost a lot( we're canadian, so our dollar sucks :cry: ), but non communal bathrooms are a must. and a beach really close would be great too. anyhoo, any advice on where to stay, and the best clubs would be fantastic (oh, and how early to book). thanks a lot :lol:
There are tons of hotel listings on the this website. They will tell you all you need to know about the beach areas on the Ibiza Town side. They also give you listings of prices. I think they may have some hostels listed as well. From the sounds of it you will probably want to stay in the Playa d'en Bossa area or Figueretes area. Good luck! :D
hey dude, this is pretty cool, me and 2 of my buddies are goin to Ibiza this summer too. And were canadians, hehehehehe, where in canada are you from?? e-mail me and we 'll chat some more.

I suggest San An, but if you want Ibiza Town, I can't help you too much. Yeah, check the hotel page to see some wikkid links. That's where I found my wikkid hotel (Stella Maris)!
San An for more turists and Ibiza town for that more Spanish feeling, old town, ect.

Hostal Marina is very cheap, right in the middle of Ibiza town and is well equipped!