first timer in ibiza...some questions



2 friends and i are very, very excited to be traveling to Ibiza for our first time in mid-july. we have a few questions to ask the group. first, one member of our group is not quite yet this a problem? do the clubs card people going in? two, how do we buy tickets for the clubs? can we do this online, or do we have to do it when we get to the city? in other words, what can we do to avoid lines? any good recommendations for good, first time clubs? lastly, how do we reserve ferries from barcelona to ibiza? can this be done online.
apologies for the abundance of questions, but as you can see, we are quite excited.

the age thing will not be a problem, do they not card people going through there doors. You'll be fine as long as you do not look like 12 :lol: :lol:

you can buy tickets from either shops during the day of the event, or you can pick them up on the night in many of the bars. Or you can pay on the door. However if you pay on the door you pay the full price.

you can do this online, but there really isn't any point.

I would say sundays@space is a must do!!! pacha one night, amnesia for cocoon (techno), cream (trance) or La troya for a gay-mixed flamboyant crowd in the terrace.

the choice is yours really when it comes to clubs. it all depends on your musical preference.

Unfourtunately i'm not too sure about the ferries, but i'm pretty sure this can be done online.

Have a look at our flights and ferries page for details


Enjoy your trip.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Chill!!! I went to space when I was 15 and no1 said a word!!!!! :D Im still not quite 18!!! :cry: (but will be on the 1st July! :D :D ) I fly out on 25th of June so ill be underage clubbing too - well for the first week anyways!! Dont worry - the spanish are much more relaxed! Especially in Ibiza!
Enjoy your Hol!
I didn't see anyone being id-ed at any of the clubs at all and some people looked well young.
no one takes their passport to clubs u wont have a problem, thats if they changed their rules which i cant imagine happening.